Wedding Details You Must Have

You should pay attention to the details that make up your wedding during planning. Amongst these however are some details that your wedding cannot do without. They may seem little, but they are a huge deal for your event.

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For this post, we’ll be discussing wedding details that are a must have. You would do well not to overlook these as they would have a huge effect on your wedding. If you’re ready then so are we. Join us as we discuss them in the following paragraphs.

  • Adequate Signage

Without signs, it would be difficult for your guests to know what’s holding where. Signage is an important part of your wedding. Try your best to go for signs that coordinate with your wedding theme and colors. Having the right amount of signage at your wedding is important for a successful celebration.

  • Aisle Markers

Aisle markers endow your event with a touch of color and beauty. Do your best to let your creativity show when it comes to your aisle markers. You can use flowers, bows or balloons to create something breathtaking. Our silk rose petals for example, would add the wow factor to your wedding aisle. Don’t forget to include aisle markers when planning your wedding ceremony décor.

  • A Beautiful Relief Station

A relief station with water and other essentials like handkerchiefs is a necessity at your wedding. You could even include flip flops that your ladies can change into so they can have a good time on the dancefloor. After coming up with the contents of your table, remember to include décor for the table itself. It is a part of your wedding’s aesthetics so it has to be designed beautifully. That way, it can serve two functions: eye catching décor and relief for guests.

  • Themed Cocktail Napkins

Cocktail napkins play many roles at a wedding. You can use them to balance the small cocktail plates. They are also great for stopping glasses from leaving a wet mess. You can make them even more beautiful by holding them with our customized napkin pins.  

  • Buffet Table Décor

Most times, couples tend to focus on the food going on the buffet table. They forget about the buffet table itself. Your buffet table also need décor. It doesn’t have to be elaborate but you shouldn’t leave it bar either. Some caterers handle this as part of their food display however so ask yours.

  • Bathroom Extras

They may be out of sight, but that does not mean you should put them out of mind. Don’t leave the conveniences at your wedding out of your décor plan. A few touches here and there will add to the overall experience of your guests. You should also provide soap, lotion and hand sanitizers.

  • Cake Table Décor

When decorating your cake table, you should factor in the fact that your guest will take lots of pictures here. It will also be the focus of the whole room when you are cutting your cake. The décor you use should complement your cake and the general theme for your wedding. You can also decorate and customize your cake using any of our many custom cake toppers.

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