Wedding Checklist

We’re sure you’ve been planning your wedding for a while now. If you haven’t and are just starting, this post could help too. Here’s a general checklist we’ve made for your wedding planning.

Wedding Checklist

Having checklist ensures that you don’t leave anything undone while planning your wedding. If you have one already, use this to compare and make sure you included everything necessary. 

  • Guest List

This is a list of the people who will show up for your wedding. They are the ones who will sign the cute wedding guest book that you’ll get from us here at The Suggestion Store. Sit down with your partner, agree on the who you both want to see and then make your list. After that is where your seating plan comes in.

  • Venue

All kinds of weddings have one thing in common, they need a location to hold at. Whatever venue you choose should be great for your wedding theme. It should also be a place that you and your partner love.

  • Catering

A study carried out on weddings discovered that food is a top reason why people attend weddings. You can’t afford to serve disappointing food at your wedding. Decide on your menu and what caterer will handle this. You should also book as early as you can.

  • Flowers

Flowers are an essential part of your wedding décor. So, who will be handling your bouquet, centerpieces? Have you chosen a particular kind of wedding flower yet? You need to decide on things like these and use our fantastic modern wedding table decoration to beautify your wedding. You could also order for our gorgeous 2000pcs silk rose petals that come in eight different colors. You’ll certainly find one to complement your wedding color scheme.

  • Invitations

Your invitation suite consists of things like your save-the-date cards, your wedding invites themselves and your RSVPs. They’ll inform your guests that they are invited to your wedding. With them, you can also share information like your wedding date, the venue and more. Don’t forget to make sure your guests receive and return the RSVPs indicating that they’ll be coming.

  • Entertainment

Will you be going with a live band or a DJ? You could also include a solo singer. Your wedding is a party and so the entertainment is very important. You could also include extra performances like a magician, acrobats and a caricature artist but it depends on your taste.

  • Drinks

Does your location have a bar or will you have to set on up by yourselves? Some catering companies also handle drinks at weddings.

  • Fashion

Do you have your fittings, rentals and accessories all sorted out? You should head to the stores now if you don’t.

  • Wedding Rings

Your officiant is not a magician who will pull out rings from thin air. You’ll need to get the rings by yourselves before that date. This lovely custom ring bearer box from us can hold your rings beautifully and safely your ring exchange.

  • Photographer

To find the best photographer for your wedding, referrals are often the best. You can also do some research online and look at their portfolios. When you find one that works for you, go ahead and contact them.

Here at The Suggestion Store, we stock all kinds of wedding décor, favors and gift items. We ship worldwide and we would love to help beautify your wedding. Check out our complete catalog here. You can also contact us for further information.

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