Virtual bridal shower

If you're a bride-to-be, then this pandemic likely has you a bit worried about your wedding. Lots of weddings have had to be canceled or postponed. We've also seen safety measures that have changed weddings as we know them.

Virtual Bride Shower

While navigating this new terrain, please don't forget your other pre-wedding activities. They are also important on the journey to your wedding. Especially your bridal shower. So how do you hold your shower during this pandemic?

There are two ways that your bridal shower can proceed at this point. There is a physical shower with social distancing and lots of safety measures. You could also opt for a virtual wedding shower to keep everyone safe. We discuss the online bridal shower in this article.

You've probably heard of them, but if you haven't, they're like online meetings. Virtual bridal showers generally have the same concept as traditional physical ones. They include a lot of the same things while ensuring that you keep your loved ones safe. Here are a few more words from us on how to plan your online bridal shower.

Who hosts the bridal shower?

Just like with a physical bridal shower, your maid of honor can be the host. The rules and etiquettes are, however, lax on this one because of the pandemic. If the bride wants to host, she can go ahead and do so.

Then choose your bridal online "Venue"

The best site to choose is one that is comfortable and works for all your guests. Great options are Zoom, Google Hangouts, or Skype. It should be easy to navigate for everyone. Remember to carry out preliminary tests before that day to ensure that your guests know how to join.

Send out the bridal shower invitations online

Bridal shower invitations online are the best to use here because they can contain the link to your meeting. You could design the invites with free templates online or hire a graphic designer. You could also send out the invites yourself or ask someone else to do so on your behalf.

Set up a bridal shower registry

It is usually best to set up your wedding registry before your virtual bridal shower. Many websites will let you create one for free, and you can then add items that you want. What do you think of adding this custom satin silk robe to your registry? One of your friends may purchase it for you in time for your wedding day, and you'll feel like a pampered queen in it as you get ready. You can also add other items from our catalog page to your registry.

How to make bridal shower decorations?

Your virtual bridal shower can still have great décor. Your guests will still see the space on camera, and it can help set the theme of your bridal party. We can just see our Rattan Ball Led lights doing wonders to your space or Photo Clip String Lights. You can also use it for your wedding after the shower. Wall hangings and balloons will also work here.

Plan fun bridal shower games

Games like two truths and a lie would be great for your virtual bridal shower. You could also play who said it, pictionary, quizzes, and more. Just remember that since it is online, you'll have to take turns, and someone will have to keep score too. Your guests can also send in their advice through email before that day.

Open bridal shower gifts

The opening of gifts is an important bridal shower ritual. For your virtual bridal shower, you can do it one of two ways. They can send the gifts ahead of time for you to unwrap during the live video. They can also unwrap them and send the gifts afterward. The choice is yours.


Bridal shower favors

You can send a little token to thank your virtual bridal shower guests for partying with you. Please send them in boxes before your bridal shower with strict instructions for them not to be opened. That is, of course, after you've made your pick from our page and ordered them. Your guests will love this as it will make them feel like they just attended a party rather than a regular video chat.

For the best wedding décor and gifts, you should check out The Suggestion Store. Our extensive catalog has something for every couple and their wedding. We would love a chance to attend to your requirements.

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