How to Choose A Wedding Venue

Every decision that you make during your wedding planning plays a part in crafting your wedding day. But there are a few decisions that create a more significant impact than others. One of those is the selection of your wedding venue. Pretty much every other part of your wedding is optional except for your wedding venue. You do have to have a place to hold the wedding in after all! With so many options available, it can be a bit confusing to decide which to go for. So how do you choose the right venue for your wedding? Here are a few tips from us here at The Suggestion Store.

  • How’s the Space?

This is an undeniable and vital thing to pay attention to when looking for your wedding venue. Make sure that the venue that you select is big enough to contain you and your guests. It would be best if you didn’t try to cram 300 people into a venue that can only seat 100. The opposite is just as bad too. Picking a too big venue for you and your guests would mean that you’ll spend more trying to make it feel full and intimate.

Whatever you do, remember that the site might look enormous when empty, but when you fit in tables, chairs, a bar, the music setup, and other wedding essentials, it will fill up quickly. Ask to see what it looked like when a wedding with a similar guest size like yours happened. You’ll need a place to put up the lovely Wedding Center Piece Decoration that you purchase from our shop.

  • Privacy

Privacy varies depending on your venue and is really about the importance that you place on it. A daytime event in a public space like a park is sure to feature strangers who might decide to pop in to say hi. If you don’t mind the distraction, then you can go right ahead. If not, you should probably go for a more secluded option.

There is also the fact that banquet halls and some hotels often hold more than one event. If you don’t want to hear another event going on through the walls while having yours, you should probably try to schedule your wedding when there won’t be another event next door. Also, don’t forget to ask about the available security at your venue to keep wedding crashers away. 

  • Lighting

Lighting can either make or mar the mood at your wedding. Your wedding pictures also come out amazing when the lighting at your event is astounding. To make sure your venue has good lighting, we’d recommend visiting at the time of the day when you intend to hold your wedding. If you are marrying during the daytime, make sure that your venue has plenty of windows. For an evening event, you have to make sure that the room isn’t too dim. That’s where our Photo Clip String 10 Lights Décor can help. You can also get our 20 Rattan Ball Led String Fairy Lights Wedding Decoration to spice up your venue.

  • A Backup Plan Option

This is especially important if you have an outdoor wedding. Weather can be quite unpredictable. It might not even be the rain that tries to put a damper on your event but the wind! Find out if your venue has an indoor space that you can use should the weather turn against you.

Whatever your wedding needs, we are ready to cater to them here at The Suggestion Store. All you have to do is check our Catalog and select what you need. You can also contact us; we’d love to hear from you.


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