2021 Wedding Trends

Every new year that arrives comes with an accompanying new set of trends. We were all so excited to embrace 2021 and all its new trends until the pandemic struck. This pandemic has greatly affected the wedding industry, but we will get over this. Lots of weddings had to be postponed and with them, a chance to incorporate the new trends.

Based on the changes that occurred this year, we’ve had some impressive trends. One of those has been micro weddings. There is also a possibility that some of these trends will continue well into next year. Here are some of those trends that you could incorporate into your wedding.

  • The Colors

The color scheme for this year is classic blue. Couples have found the most creative ways to include this in their wedding. This color is elegant, timeless and beautiful. Classic blue is also trending as a wedding fashion color with grooms opting to go for blue suits more, in recent times.

  • The Seating Arrangements

One of the things that this year brought is more budget-friendly options when it comes to weddings. This showed up in seating arrangements with couples choosing to go for the table remix. In this seating arrangement, multiple tables are pushed together to create beautiful curved or waved designs. This means you get to use less tables and your wedding feels a lot more personalized.

  • Greenery

Greenery is another current trend that we’re seeing a lot of this year. From holding weddings in gardens to bringing the green in with decorations, couples have jumped on this trend with gusto. We can’t complain either. The lovely vibes that come with it are to be envied.

  • Ceremony Flowers

This year, we’ve enjoyed seeing the planted aisles when it comes to wedding décor. This has flowers blooming from the edges of the guest’s seats and looking gorgeous. We know this trend will definitely last for a while.

  • Outdoor Weddings

Outdoor weddings are fun, elegant and inspiring. They’ve been especially important this year because of social distancing. It is easier to carry out social distancing at an outdoor venue. This cute wedding guest book from us would look lovely at your outdoor wedding. 

  • Guests

With the cutdown in the number of guests at weddings, many current trends have emerged. Couples are paying attention to their guests and making the experience special for them too. We’re seeing some home style décor with couples doing their best to make their weddings feel like a home away from home. 

  • Lighting

You need great lighting to show off all of the above beautiful décor ideas. That’s why current trends have seen couples making sure they have great lighting at their wedding. Strings lights are beautiful and you could get our Photo Clip String Light version. It’s a great way to display your favorite photos and light up your wedding. Our romantic Rattan Ball Fairy Lights would also beautify and keep your wedding trendy.

  • A New Twists on Drinks

The current trend with drinks at weddings is self-serve refreshments. Guests love a chance to create their own drinks and fizzy drinks are also lovely. You can still have the lovely wine and champagne to do your toasts. Our great bride and groom wine glass décor will certainly help to make it more unique.

  • Wide Selection of Dessert

This is the tastiest current trend and we love the various displays. Lots of candy, chocolates and other fancy sweets are on the in. You can display your candy using our beautiful Candy Bar Stand Wedding Decoration.

If you’re looking for wedding décor to keep your wedding trendy and modern, we have you covered. The suggestion Store is a high-quality wedding décor store and we ship all over the world. For further information, contact us today!

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